What To Consider When Looking for Clippers for Your Horse

Once you purchased a horse, you would be told that you need to have the best horse clippers since clipping is an important aspect of owning a horse. A trusty and efficient clipper would make the process safe and quick. A proper trim will guarantee that your horse always looks their best, whether you’re professionally competing or you just simply want your horse to always look their best.

Choosing the appropriate horse clippers can be difficult, especially if you don’t have much expertise with clipping horses. The good news is that just answering a few simple questions could guarantee that you end up purchasing the best clippers for your horse.

The temperament of your horse

Clippers could be loud and if you have a nervous horse, they might be terrified of roaring clippers and it might be difficult for you to clip them. If they are skittish, look for horse clippers that are quieter. Opt for clippers with a low noise output of around 120 volts. But if your horse could remain calm and collected even in the presence of loud noises, then you would not need to be picky in choosing the clippers.

The purpose of the clippers

Another consideration is the purpose of the clippers. Consider what you want to do with the clippers. For example, you want to purchase them because you want to give your horse minimal cuts every once in a while. Then, you would not need anything too powerful. But if you are thinking of buying them for frequent full-body clipping sessions, then a clipper that allows you to modify speeds, replace blades, and has a high strokes-per-minute output would be your best bet.

Your budget

When it comes to horse clippers, quality and price are two vital factors to consider. It might come as a surprise to you that many high-quality horse clippers will cost as much as a respectable pair of human clippers. This might deter you from buying them but if your purpose is to use them frequently, purchasing the highest quality clippers available will save you money in the long term, especially if you are able to afford them anyway. Most pricey and costly horse clippers are both sturdy and long-lasting, making them worth every penny.

Ease of use

Cordless or corded? Perhaps this is one of the questions you would find yourself asking when you start researching about the best horse clipper available in the market. Cordless clippers are ideal for skittish horses who are spooked by loud noises and move around a lot, as you won’t have to worry about them stepping on the power cord.

Although corded clippers are normally heavy-duty and more suited to trimming the body of your horse, you must ensure that your horse does not step on them. If you are able to afford it, purchase a pair of durable corded clippers for body trimming and a set of light cordless clippers for finishing your horse’s face or tidying up clip lines.

When there are so many to select from, finding the best clippers might feel like an uphill battle. Do your research and ask around, then you would be able to tell which ones are ideal for your horse.


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