What Factors Cause Infertility

In the contemporary world, where there are numerous health complications, one such complication that can be highlighted for women is the causes for infertility. According to medical experts there are numerous reasons for the infertility of women, which could range from lack of activity to chronic diseases. However, the below mentioned points are considered to be the primary reason for infertility to occur for women, since these are main symptoms of women undergoing infertility problems. Without further ado, here are just some of the main factors that cause infertility:


Although considered to be more of a mental element, depression in women also causes for the body to perform differently too. This is because of the production of different chemicals that affect certain systems of the body. This can also include the reproductive system, thus making it a physical factor that affects the fertility of the female body. This can be due to bad routines, or even lack of taking care of yourself. Sometimes it could also be due to a particular event that occurred. Regardless, this causes quite a lot of problems for fertility.

Weight Loss and Weight Gain

This too is quite an important element. Looking to have a baby? Well, the first thing that you should look into, is your weight. The reason for this is that, if the woman does not have the right weight to bear children, it can be quite a problem since it could be detrimental to the entire body of the woman. As a result, it is important that the weight is under control. Moreover, there is also the problem of being overweight too. This too is another important factor, as excess weight could also lead to infertility and many other health problems.

Eating Disorder

One of the major reasons for weight loss and weight gain in the first place, can be attributed to bad eating habits. Sometimes this can be eating junk food and fast food every time, or this could be due to not having any food at all. The latter could lead to bulimia, which is a fatal eating disorder, while the former could lead to obesity, which could result in many diseases including infertility. In other words, having eating disorders are one of the primary reasons for infertility problems which should be addresses immediately once detected.

Negligence of General Health

And of course, the lack of general health would also lead to infertility problems and even worse. This could also lead to unnecessary diseases that would result in complicated situations. Neglecting your personal hygiene, nutrient intake, exercising, leisure and other elements are sure to cause you a lot of trouble in the future due to the fact that all those mentioned are what create for a healthy body, which results in a fertile environment.

In short then, there are many reasons for infertility to occur in women’s’ bodies, however, the above mentioned points can be considered to be the more major reasons for infertility since it covers major aspects of life.

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