Tips to Take Care of Your Washing Machine and Extend Its Life

Household appliances help us in our daily lives. All of the appliances help us do all the daily chores a lot easier and faster, giving us more time to rest and spend on the most important things such as spending time with family. Whether it is a simple coffee machine, refrigerator, washing machine, and all the others, appliances really do their part in making our daily lives more convenient.

Since appliances don’t come in cheap, we need to take care of them properly to make the most of our investment and prolong its life. For washing machine care tips, here are some of the essential things you should do to be sure that it stays at its top performance for a longer time.

Clean Regularly

Although it is used to wash clothes, the washing machine gets dirty through time. Residues can form inside the washing machine and affect its performance. After washing, be sure to rinse the washing machine thoroughly to remove soap, dirt, and prevent them from accumulating. Be sure to perform a deep cleaning in your washing machine from time to time with the use of a reliable cleaning agent to remove all the residue.

Check the Hoses

The hoses play an important role in your washing machine. They transport water into the tube when you’re preparing to wash clothes. Different issues can happen in these hoses such as leaks and clogs. When this happens, your washer may not get the water needed or your home could flood especially when the leak is big.

Check the hoses every month and look for signs of wear such as cracks and leaks. If you notice any signs of wear, it is best to replace the hose before the problem gets worse. Look for washing machine repairs technician to fix or replace the hose or any other part that needs to be repaired.

Leave It Open

After using the washing machine, you should leave the tub door open to dry all the moisture inside it. Although you could wipe it down dry with a towel, there are some hard-to-reach areas that can’t be wiped. Air-drying it is the best way to dry it thoroughly and prevent mould growth inside the washing machine. Be sure to rinse it first to remove the residues and soap before letting it air dry.

Clean the Lint Filter

The lint filter is the part that gets dirty easily in a washing machine. It catches all the dirt from your clothes – from lint, hair, and everything that it could extract from the wash. When the bag gets full, it can’t take in more dirt, making the washing process less efficient than the usual. Be sure to clean the lint filter after every wash, if possible, to maintain the washer’s efficacy.

Taking care of your washing machine is essential to keep it at its top condition as well as prolong its life and make the most of your investment in that appliance.


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