Steps to Improve Education

Education is one of the most important aspects of a person’s life. On a global level, every child has a right to education and many governments, institutions and organizations are working hard to ensure that. Education is a pillar of development of a country. Increased literacy and knowledge will reduce poverty, corruption and instability and will promote empowerment, economic growth, technology and innovation. Education has become a major topic nowadays so here are some steps to improve education in institutions.

  1. Engage

The current education systems are highly standardized and do not leave any room for creativity. Students are stuck on text books and preparing for exams. However, what actually needs to happen is giving them a hands-on practical approach to real world problems. Hence the curriculum will add field based assessments, pair or group projects that will let them explore the environment and come up with their own findings and reports. Let them use plenty of internet, books and especially newspapers since one of the major complaints regarding modern day kids is that they are so engaged in mobile phones that they have absolutely no idea what’s happening in the rest of the world.

  1. Connect

It is important for students to identify the connections of each subject. Rather than learning them separately, connections make more sense and help them think rationally and out of the box whenever a problem is posed. Also, the whole package of subjects should connect and improve the child in every way. While literature, art and music take care of his creative side, mathematics, science and IT should take care of his analytical skills.


  1. Expand and share

A comprehensive assessment system should be put in place to ensure the students are assessed in every way. The common method is holding exams, however institutions need to add other methods such as group projects, field visits etc. so that students find their interests and passion. This way, teachers and parents can scrutinize their academic improvement, hidden talents such as dancing, singing, sports and also help them overcome weaknesses. This is also looked into while group projects. Students will share their knowledge with team members and also learn how to work with many types of people. They will know to take responsibility and act in the interest of all, not just himself.

  1. Adopt technology

It is outrageous that many schools have not adopted technology into schools when the world has already moved forward with it. Institutions need to bring in new teaching methods, learning resources, maintain online connections with students and parents and communicate appropriately through technology.



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